The birth of Termeca Glass Technologies

TERMECA is what happens when skilled individuals and companies are mutualising their knowledge and decide to put their strengths together to offer the glass market with new, inventive and innovative solutions. Our aim is to challenge and set a new standard of excellence and innovation in an increasingly competitive industry in the field of forming (float bath and foam glass) and heat treatment (annealing process for float and foam glass).

fib logo

TERMECA Glass Technologies has strongly teamed up with Belgian industrial group FIB Belgium.

FIB is the expert designer of complete solutions for thermal treatment. The solutions are optimized in terms of process, energetic and environmental requirements.

FIB offers operational excellence with regards to the most demanding international standards. Since 1936 and over 3 generations of entrepreneurs, FIB remains synonymous of trustworthy partnership for specific industrial sectors, being the metallic wire and glass.

With an international presence in 58 countries, FIB is a recognized international player. With subsidiaries in Germany, the Czech Republic and agencies throughout the world, FIB offers a global coverage.

FIB has also the privilege being the President of the CECOF, the European Committee of Industrial Furnace and Heating Equipment Associations.

In Belgium, FIB has been nominated several times as regional best export company and was crowned Company of the Year in 2008.

By choosing TERMECA and FIB, you are joining a great and young multi-skilled team with a customer satisfaction centric approach.